Monday, July 19, 2010


Oh my heck! first off i'm so sorry it has taken me a million years to update this overdue blog! i never realized when people said kids grown way too fast they were acctually right! holy heck where did the time go! monkey is now 6 months old and getting so big! he is so much fun! he is now laughing and smiling and making all sorts of sounds! he wants to be involved in everything and is such a joy in our lives! he is the best and happiest baby and i am so glad i have him! he loves his food... he is eating baby fruits and veggies now and baby cerial and LOVES it! his favorites are sweet potatoes and squash and he loves his applesauce! well here are some recent pics! i promise to be better at updating!

Connor LOVES his bouncer

Connor loves daddy

Our little monkey

Connor loves mommy too